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How Mod Got his Groove Back

Posted on 29 October 2014
How Mod Got his Groove Back

Ok, so maybe I haven't gotten my groove back...yet. I just thought that would make for an awesome title. The truth is I'm recovering from a knee injury I sustained back in June. I hurt my knee whilst attempting to complete my first full marathon. Having completed a few half marathons in the past, my resolution for 2014 was to complete my first full marathon.

The Big Day

When the big day came I realised what I didn't want to admit to myself; that I may not be entirely ready. At the 25km mark I began to feel soreness in my knee, however I was determined to make good on my ambitions and I pushed on. The soreness soon morphed into stabbing pain and with less than 5km to the finish the pain became unbearable. My mind wandered, I pictured myself crossing the finish line and imagined the feeling of accomplishment that was going to follow. "Does it hurt when I do this?" The paramedic's voice brought me back to reality. I had crossed the finish line, just not on my own, and instead of a feeling of accomplishment, a dark cloud of defeat hung over me. 5km to go!

Getting the Groove Back

Fast forward to present day. I've spent roughly two months completing physio. I was told my injury was due to lack of training and it was recommended that I slowly ease myself back into routine running. The opportunity to make my come back came at the annual Hellers fun run.

Small Steps

I signed up for the 2km distance as I'm taking baby steps. It felt good getting back to doing something I love, and this time around I had the support of some of my Mainfreight team. I've been told the pain when running will take a little while to shake off but that most of it is just in my head and that it's mostly just about getting my confidence back.

Modecai Nkhwazi

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