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Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable logistics initiatives remain an environmental issue worldwide. We actively seek ways to leave the lightest possible imprint on the planet while continuously managing our operations to build a sustainable operating environment.

Our commitment to sustainability, safety, health and the environment has been, and continues to be, a fundamental element of our operating practices and success to date. While our initiatives vary from country to country to achieve the greatest impact, we remain committed to these projects listed below and to expanding them where practicable.

On the road
  • New vehicles compliant with the highest environmental standards
  • Hybrid technology for smaller units
  • Hybrid cars for team members
  • Electric manual handling equipment (MHE) with fast charge systems
  • Multi - modal options (road to rail and coastal shipping)
  • Truck size management – small trucks for distribution / large trucks between cities
  • Optimise shipment loads
  • Off-peak distribution, particularly between cities and from ports
  • Lightweight / high capacity vehicles creating more efficiencies

In the branches
  • Built with environmental design principles in mind
  • Solar panels
  • Water tanks - rain water harvesting
  • Optimal daylight use - daylight harvesting
  • Energy saving by lux measurement
  • Thermal paint (less cooling required)
  • Reduction of paper consumption
  • Recycling compactors
  • Plain pallets are recirculated between our transport network and customers
  • Building and energy management system
  • National electricity deal
  • LED lighting in branches and warehouses
  • We try to build as many of our freight facilities on rail sites to increase our usage of rail over road. Trucks emit 4.6 x more CO2 per tonne than rail
  • Training centre driving best practices for our team and operations
  • Ongoing training for team members with a focus on career development


On-board telematics systems on all vehicles
  • Route planning for efficiencies in time, distance and fuel consumption
  • Vehicle performance diagnostics on interstate and regional line haul units
  • A range of compliance measures that will enhance driver well-being

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